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1,000 words

  • 5 cents per word
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  • ​Topic research
  • ​Unique and compelling content
  • ​Proofreading & plagiarism checking
  • ​Unlimited revisions
  • ​Dedicated order manager
  • ​Access to custom client dashboard



10,000 words

  • 4.5 cents per word
  • Guaranteed 15-day delivery
  • ​Topic research
  • ​Unique and compelling content
  • ​Proofreading & plagiarism checking
  • ​Unlimited revisions
  • ​Dedicated order manager
  • ​Access to custom client dashboard



25,000 words

  • 4.3 cents per word
  • Guaranteed 25-day delivery
  • ​Topic research
  • ​Unique and compelling content
  • ​Proofreading & plagiarism checking
  • ​Unlimited revisions
  • ​Dedicated order manager
  • ​Access to custom client dashboard



50,000 words

  • 4 cents per word
  • Guaranteed 40-day delivery
  • ​Topic research
  • ​Unique and compelling content
  • ​Proofreading & plagiarism checking
  • ​Unlimited revisions
  • ​Dedicated order manager
  • ​Access to custom client dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is your service for?
Hands Off Publishing is built by publishers for bloggers, publishers, e-commerce brands and marketing agencies.  
 How do you communicate with me?
We communicate with you through our Client Dashboard at

Once you fill out the form after checkout, you will be assigned a content manager within 24 hours who will introduce themselves to you through the Client Dashboard.
 Do you offer revisions?
You get UNLIMITED revisions. We suggest that you review all of your content first and then provide us with feedback altogether, so any content that needs to be revised can be edited in one go. 
 Do you outsource content?
No. All of our writers are contracted to us and cannot write for anyone else. These are all degree qualified writers in their respective fields and have worked for our own websites for a minimum of 3 months before being assigned to our Publishing Agency.

All of our editors are native English speakers, but our writers vary with 80% based in India/Pakistan and the rest in UK.
 Can I get a discount on more content?
The discounts have been implemented across the packages. If you wish to order more than 100,000 words or order content on a regular basis, feel free to book a call with us above and we'd love to make you an offer you can't refuse!
 How long does it take?
You can find the guaranteed timeframe for the package you order when you are checking out. As a reference, the 10,000 word package is guaranteed to be delivered within 15 days of you approving your topics.
 Can you help with research?
We pride ourselves in our research and majority of our customers have us do their Topic Research for them. Of course, you can provide us with research when you fill out the form and we can write on whatever you'd like us to.
 Are there any niches you don't work with?
Yes, we don't write sexually explicit content, misrepresentative content, dangerous or derogatory content or any intellectual property abuse. If you feel your content ideas might be in a grey area, feel free to book a call with us to discuss your needs.
 Do you publish the content?
Yes, this service comes included, not as an upgrade to your package like a lot of our competitors. The only potential downside is that we only publish to WordPress-based websites, if you use any other platform then unfortunately you cannot utilize this feature - not just yet anyways.
 Does the content come with images?
Yes, the beauty of Hands Off Publishing is that we do everything for you and we know how inconvenient it can be searching for relevant images for your content, not to mention how costly it can become.

We use relevant, CC0 licensed images to bring out the depth in your content and engage your readers. 
 Do you offer refunds or have a guarantee?
Since we are already so low priced, our margins are low in this business. Margins aside, we value every effort our team members put in greatly and as an entrepreneur, you would too. For this reason, we do not offer refunds on content that has already been written. Sure, if you request a refund before work has started on your order, you can ask for a refund and you will receive this in full. The only exception we'd make on this rule is if the content is plagiarized, of extremely low quality or does not meet the content brief one bit. We are human so you can expect to be treated fairly.
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